About Us

Our Brand Story

Back in the 1990s, a food connoisseur once ran a confectionery business in Taiwan. Intrigued by the innovative combination of delicious milk teas and chewy tapioca balls called boba in the street food markets, he decided to travel 3,094km away from the heartland of Asia, to bring this brilliant invention known as bubble tea to Singapore.

In 1999, Each-A-Cup was birthed with a heart desire for everyone to enjoy an exceptional cup of tasty bubble tea while absorbing the health benefits of the individual drinks simultaneously. With strong ingenuity and passion for creating innovative recipes while strictly concocting to high standards with every cup satisfying yet revitalising to encapsulate our brand’s essence of “the goodness of each cup”, we have successfully stretched our footprints and established our presence not just in Singapore, but also in the lands of Malaysia, Indonesia, and Brunei.

Our Mission

“Provide tasty, daily beverages with beauty and wellness benefits pursue of Quality and Product Innovation.”

Our Vision

“To be Asia’s leading tea drink brand, sought after for its beauty and wellness benefits.”

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