Finally, the sweet taste of success with bubble tea

Despite losing money in the stock market and F&B industry, this musician-turned-entrepreneur finds a winner in Each-A-Cup franchise


Leading local bubble tea house Each-A-Cup has gotten a new face-lift! With a new jazzed up logo to match its healthy wholesome beverage menu! The energetic orange hue of Each-A-Cup’s new logo is a direct reflection of the brand’s focus on health and wellness – indeed, bubble tea can be healthy, and it goes beyond just lowering the sugar level.


Headquartered in Taiwan, Each-A-Cup is one of thebubble tea pioneers in Singapore that has survived and flourished throughout the years, constantly enticing customers and regulars with new products. They specialise in a large variety of freshly brewed teas, ice blended drinks, smoothies, yoghurt drinks, snow shakes, coffees, and creative juices.

Is it true? Bubble Tea with Health Benefits!

We all love a cup of Bubble Tea but when we here that our favourite beverage is no longer simply an indulgence, but can, in fact, have health benefits, we are rather excited!

Blended Tea Beverages And Bubble Tea with Health Benefits at Each-A-Cup

Bubble tea outlets are nothing new to Singapore, but when one homegrown bubble tea chain stays strong for more than 15 years, we have to ask ‘what sets Each-A-Cup apart from the fierce competition?’

Homegrown Bubble Tea Chain Offers Up Tasty Drink Good Feel Good Tea Blends for Sweet Bubba and Health Conscious Mama

As one of the few bubble tea brands which has survived in the face of fierce competition, we are interested to know what sets Each-A-Cup apart and we ask:- ‘what’s new and what’s in store for the future of Each-A-Cup?’

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