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Special Ingredients
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Special Ingredients

TeaPresso Tea Bags

Using high quality and natural ingredients infused with health elements in our products, many of our tea brews are now prepared using the revolutionary concept of Tea-Presso from Taiwan. This is where high quality tea dust in tea bags are brewed in 60 seconds per order, so that you can enjoy the freshest and tastiest brew.

Tea Leaves

Imported from Taiwan, our tea leaves are selected from a few suppliers who are famous for their signature teas as well as their safety track record. Using authentic Taiwanese recipe, our popular tea brews are brewed in bulk with a strict quality control, so that you can enjoy a fresh brew at ease.

South American Coffee

The finest coffee from South America, it is full-bodied and flavorful, which keeps you alert throughout the day.

Cocoa Powder

The unique combination of the finest ingredients, exclusive production methods and stringent quality controls makes our cocoa powder from Holland truly the world’s finest. Chocolate lovers will be amazed by its aroma and rich quality, while having lower calories. Simply indulge in it!

Fresh Fruits

With no compromising on quality, we select the finest fruits from all over the world for our bubble tea as well as creative juices.


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